Jennie Garth Tells Bethenny Frankel, ‘Being A Single Mom Is A Weird Kind Of Torture’

Jennie Garth is finding that being a single mom newly out in the dating game is “super challenging.

“I’ve had to go through a lot. You have to find your way and stumble and make mistakes,” she tells Bethenny Frankel on Monday’s episode of Bethenny.

Frankel, for once, didn’t discuss her own on-going divorce from Jason Hoppy but she did seem to enjoy grilling the former Beverly Hills 90210  star on how she’s handling her post-divorce life.

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“I expected to come out of it and just be great at it,” the ex-wife of Twilight star Peter Facinelli says.

“I’m smart and I thought I could do it. How hard could it be? I’ve realized I have to fumble my way and create the space to really be open to learning because I don’t know how to do it. It’s fun and it’s awful all at the same time.”

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