Secret Sex Lives: Swingers Couple Fights Over Wife’s ‘Disrespectful’ Actions

The rules of the game often change for the people starring on the show Secret Sex Lives: Swingers and in this exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming episode one husband is furious with his wife who parties and dirty dances with another man when he’s not there.Jeff does not approve of the wild night Misty had at Rebecca’s bachelorette party and the two fight over her “disrespectful” actions after she shows him pictures of the dancing she’s doing with the other man.“It’s disrespectful,” Jeff slams at Misty.

“The way you’re dancing up on him is disrespectful if I’m not there.”

Despite their “Swingers” lifestyle, Jeff says that Misty’s dancing is unacceptable if he is no there with her.

“That’s like our first rule, we need to be together,” and despite her explanation that she’s just dancing at a party, he reads her the riot act.

“You can have fun but you don’t need to be all over some guy when I’m not there.”

Secret Sex Lives: Swingers airs on Discovery Fit & Health at 10/9c.

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