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Honey Boo Boo Has Lost 12 Pounds, ‘She’s Growing Up’ Declares Mama June

Mama June Shannon has dropped a whopping 100 pounds and she told RadarOnline.com exclusively that her Honey Boo Boo is shedding her baby fat and has lost 12 pounds too.

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and her husband Sugar Bear sat down with RadarOnline.com at the Hard Rock Café at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles and showed that fame hasn’t changed her at all.

“Have y’all signed up for our Facebook page, I do everything myself,” June told fans who asked her for a picture during the lunch.

June said that her own weight loss has been a gradual accomplishment, but that she doesn’t care if she loses any more.

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“I lost it being more busy and more active with the show and stuff. I could care less about my weight though. I was at my heaviest at 400 pounds. Now I’m at 285. I was happy then and I’m happy now. You have to be happy with yourself inside.”

She told RadarOnline.com that her youngest daughter, Alana Thompson, has been dropping weight too.

“Alana has actually lost 12 pound. She’s getting taller, she’s filled out. I think she’s growing up.”

June said it has been a progressive weight loss for the beauty pageant star.

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“Every time we go to the doctor she’s lost a little bit of weight. I’ve noticed it in her clothes. Her favorite place to shop is Justice and I noticed she was a 12 and I bought her 12s and it’s falling off of her.”

As for her own weight loss, June is continuing to drop the weight by going to the gym with her friend.

“I try and go every day with her.  Life is crazy. I will walk the treadmill. I don’t do weight lifting thing. She told me to do the crunch machine. Oh my God. After 25 it hurt I felt it all.”

June described her workout regime, saying: “I walk the treadmill like two or three miles a day with her.  The elliptical, I’m telling you I almost died after half a mile. Oh my God how do people sit on here for hours?”

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Even though her weight loss is noticeable, June told RadarOnline.com that it wasn’t a priority for her.

“If I lose weight at the gym that’s fine. If I don’t that’s fine. I’m just going to support my friend.”

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo airs Wednesday on TLC at 9/8c.