The Little Couple Joy: Adopting A Little Boy With Dwarfism Puts Jen In ‘The Mommy Club’

Having a child is a lifelong dream come true for The Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold and she says that after adopting her son with Dwarfism she loves being a part of the “mommy club.”

In this exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode obtained by, Will has been living with Jen and Bill Klein for three weeks and she is reveling in the joy of her son.

“It’s pretty fun being a member of the mommy club,” she shares.

At a play group with Will and other parents, Jen tells them that her newly adopted son is “doing 10 times better than I ever thought he would be.”

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Jen says she is trying to find out everything she can from other moms about parenting.

“I want to learn everything I can.”

She also talks about expanding their family by adopting another child with dwarfism, a little girl from India.

“He’ll have a little sister,” Jen exclaims.

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The Little Couple airs on TLC Tuesday, August 13 at 10/9c.

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