Teresa Giudice And Jacqueline Laurita’s RHONJ Peace Pact May Be Short Lived

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita can blame Google if her renewed friendship withTeresa Giudice goes south again!

In an upcoming episode, during a very awkward bus ride, the RHONJ gang is reunited when Teresa – known for mispronouncing and butchering the English language – questioned Jacqueline for calling her a sociopath.

“Jacqueline, I’m glad you’re here,” Teresa said to Jacqueline in front of the other cast members.

“The other night Jacqueline called me a sociopath. Can you define that word? Because I’ve heard of psycho b*tch, but never a sociopath.”

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“I think you should just Google it,” a smiling Jacqueline coyly replied.

So Teresa looked it up and read the definition aloud; “A person who lacks the sense of moral responsibility, often anti-social and lacks social conscious.”

You can hear a pin drop and it appears that Teresa, who is busy mending family fences and hashed out her differences with Jacqueline, keeps her cool.

Away from the bus, a shocked Teresa asked, “Like what the f**k is that? I know I’m not a sociopath, but I don’t want to go there,” she says.

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“We’re making progress and we are moving forward. I don’t want to go back to that place. Capeesh?”

It looks like Teresa is taking the high ground – for now.

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