Tee'd Off: Fan Fury As LeAnn Rimes Comments On 'Anti-Brandi' Glanville T-Shirt

LeAnn Rimes has repeatedly tried to call a cease-fire in her explosive relationship with Brandi Glanville but a shout out she gave to two fans wearing derogatory t-shirts about her husband’s ex-wife have reignited the war.

The 30-year-old gave a shout out at her Littleton, Colo., concert Sunday night to two men in the audience who were wearing giant pink hats and t-shirts that read “F*CK BRANDI” — which caused a fury on Twitter from people slamming her.

Days before the gig, on August 9, LeAnn responded to a Tweet from one of the individuals, Aarron Wilson, writing: “Sweetie, bless your heart!” C U in VIP stn. at the Rocky Mtn Music August 11th! See pic! We support u! @leannrimes.”

The singer wrote back “LOVE IT” and then two nights later at the concert gave them a shout out when they were wearing the pink hats and anti-Brandi shirts. However, LeAnn denied that she was talking about the t-shirts and insisted she only liked that hats.

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“LeAnn glanced at their pink hats, said awesome and never saw the damn shirts,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“People are trying to make a big deal of it when it is not. She cannot dictate what her fans do or wear.”

However, the backlash against Eddie Cibrian’s wife didn’t let up on Twitter, with one person writing: “Disgusting that you would even comment on that. Just lost another fan. Tired of the BS.” Another wrote, “Just admit it was wrong. Oh wait, that’d take a conscience, which you lack.”

Going back and forth with fans and saying that she didn’t want to talk about the t-shirts anymore, one fan wrote to LeAnn: “Its gone WAY ovr board but ppl think u should state that u dont endorse B bashing. B that tshirts or whatevr form. #iknowusaidb4.”

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The source close to the country star said that she is trying to keep things civil for the sake of the her family.

“She doesn’t want a feud to brew as a result of this,” the insider said, adding: “Compared to what Brandi has written about her on Twitter, this is nothing — at all.”

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