'Breaking Amish' Star's Wild Kiss: 'An Amish Girl Would Never Do Anything Like That'

Growing up in the Amish community means no wild parties, no beer and certainly no sex before marriage so when Sam leaves the conservative lifestyle, his first real party turns into the wildest night of his life.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Breaking Amish obtained by RadarOnline.com, Sam heads to a crowded house party where he drinks beer on the roof and ends up meeting a girl who isn’t afraid to kiss him.

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“This girl wants me to follow her inside for some reason; an Amish girl would never do anything like that,” Sam admits about the pretty girl wearing a black strapless dress.

As they get frisky with each other inside the house, she asks why he has an accent.

“A few weeks ago I was Amish,” he says.

Check out the video of Sam’s crazy party night that ends up with him making out with a very non-Amish girl.

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Breaking Amish airs on TLC Sunday at 10/9c.

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