‘Breaking Amish’ Star Desperate To Leave Community, Says ‘I Need To Get Out’

Being a member of the Amish community means no television, no sex outside of marriage and working from dawn til dusk and one member has had enough and wants out of the conservative lifestyle.

Andrew, 26, stars in the hit series Breaking Amish and like his co-stars he is desperate to get out and try to live a different life.

“I’m like the black sheep of the family,” Andrew says as he reveals his troubled past, in a clip from the show’s next episode obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

“I got kicked out of the community. I was more outgoing and wild Amish.”

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He says that he doesn’t want to conform to the Amish constraints.

“I break the rules a little bit here and there because they don’t make sense to me sometimes.”

Andrew says he can’t change and wants people to accept him the way he is.

“I am who I am and if people don’t like it they can kiss my ass.”

Aching to leave and try something new, Andrew says he wants to try something different.

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“I’m kind of sick of Amish people. I need to get out of the Amish community and see how it is in the English life.”

However, turning his back on the only lifestyle he has ever known is scary for Andrew.

“My biggest fear is leaving the Amish is I won’t be able to have any communication with my family back home. When I leave I’m on my own.”

Breaking Amish airs on TLC Sunday at 10/9c.

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