Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's Brother Says She Wanted To Get 'Married So Badly,' She Settled For Second Best

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s brother is raining on what should be his sister’s special time and engagement to Chris Siegfried by saying what the whole world was already thinking – “It’s obvious Des settled for Chris.”

In a new interview with Life & Style, Desiree’s bother Nate confirmed what millions of die-hard Bachelorette fans witnessed for themselves.

“Desiree went on the show because she wanted to get married so badly and she wanted the family and to have kids,” Nate said “Obviously Chris wasn’t her first choice.”

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Desiree’s heart was left shattered when her first choice, model Brooks Forester, dumped her a week before Chris’ proposal.

Desiree — and especially Chris — can’t be happy that her own family is now saying she would have said yes no matter who popped the question.

While friends of Desiree say the wedding will never happen, Nate believes she won’t be a runaway bride because she’s so determined to walk down the aisle.

“She is happy with him and with how it ended up,” Nate said. “I think this will be a short engagement, I could see a wedding happening even quicker than next summer. I think it’s obvious she settled for him, but Desiree is at the point where she’s ‘all in’ with Chris, and I think he is just happy he gets to be with her.”

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Apparently Desiree, a bridal gown designer, is moving full steam ahead with the wedding: She’s moved to Seattle to live with Chris in a home she picked out and she’s already sketched her dream dress – a 20’s inspired sheath dress with beading or lace.

Second best or not – this Bachelorette IS getting married!

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