Sober Days Are Over! Florence Welch Takes A Shot (Of Tequilla) At Covering 2 Classics—Must-See Video

Florence Welch knows how to party like a rock star and she proved it Friday night.

Florence, minus The Machine, jumped on stage at a party for British rock band Sourberry, covered Get Lucky by Daft Punk and The Way of Control by The Gossip, while tossing back a shot of tequila – and it was far from her first of the night by all accounts!

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The normally on-key singer is definitely a little pitchy, dog, but doesn’t care and neither does the crowd as she hops into a frenzy.

The 26-year-old grammy-winning singer still lives at home with mom when she’s not on the road but in this must-see video she proves she’s all grown up when it comes time to party!

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