Stevie Ryan Says Playing A Stripper ‘Is A Really Hard Job’

Stevie Ryan’s celebrity impressions are spot on, but the internet sensation turned TV comedy queen told that playing a stripper in season two of her hit show gave her a newfound respect for the profession.

Stevie TV, which airs Friday nights on VH1, showcases the comedian and her hilarious skits and in season two she says she had the brilliant idea to write a sketch around a stripper.

That she would have to play.

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Stevie admits she probably didn’t think that through very well after all.

“I have to be on a pole in a bathing suit flinging myself around in a fake bar! It’s really your worst nightmare.”

But Stevie has mad respect for the women who take off their clothes for money.

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“I’m telling you right now being a stripper is a really hard job,” Stevie told

“Even if you’re a fake stripper.”

Tune in to Stevie TV on VH1 Fridays at 10/9c.

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