It’s Off! No Family Counseling For Lindsay Lohan At Betty Ford Center After Michael & Dina Have Huge Fight

Lindsay Lohan‘s  planned family counseling at the Betty Ford Center is off calendar for this weekend, is exclusively reporting.

The troubled starlet was scheduled to have a session with both her parents, Michael  and Dina Lohan, but the battling exes won’t be there.

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“I didn’t want a confrontation with Dina while Lindsay is in rehab,” Michael tells exclusively.  “I’ve decided to go home and see my baby.”

Ironically, it’s unlikely Dina will be there either, a source tells us, leaving Lindsay without any family to counsel.

As exclusively reported, Michael and Dina got into one of their classic fights on the set of The Test, an upcoming TV show produced by Dr. Phil‘s  son, Jay McGraw.

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The two fought on camera, with Dina refusing to take the lie detector and urine tests that are the show’s centerpiece.

Lindsay is a month into her court-ordered 90 days in rehab sentence, and is desperate to be moved to another facility.

“She hates being at Betty Ford,” a source says.

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