Three Of Liberace’s Young Lovers Died From AIDS, Former Lover Claims

Liberace was a careless sex fiend who knowingly infected his young lovers with AIDS and his live-in love of five years, Scott Thorson, claims that at least three of them died from the disease in an explosive new video interview with The ENQUIRER.

Christopher Adler, Bob Fisher and Cary James “are the three [deaths] that I know of,” Thorson says. “And possibly, God only knows how many. There were so many deaths from AIDS back then, so you gotta go back how many years before me that Liberace had sex with young men.”

And Thorson says there were many, thanks to a supply chain that involved closeted gay actor Rock Hudson.

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“Rock Hudson had tons of boys around his home,” Thorson explains. “Him and Lee would have conversations. And Rock Hudson was definitely on Liberace’s list to get young men…These people bent over backwards to supply these kids with Liberace, with Rock Hudson, and would bring them to parties and things like that.”

When that wasn’t sufficient, Liberace and Hudson would sleep together, according to Thorson. “He was in love with Rock and Liberace had a crush on Rock…” Thorson reveals. “They had multiple sex parties, including having sex [together].”

But despite Liberace’s fame and persuasive ways, some of his crushes remained out of his reach. “He kept talking about Joe Namath,” Thorson remembers. “He had the hots for Joe Namath.”

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Another gridiron giant, OJ Simpson, caught Liberace’s eye when they crossed paths at Johnny Carson’s studio. “OJ was in the makeup room with us, and Lee just fell head over heels for this guy,” Thorson says. “He said, man, what a handsome guy.”

In addition, Thorson says, “He had a big crush on Carey Grant.”

For more on Liberace’s sordid sex life, stay tuned for Part 3 of The Enquirer‘s scandalous series.

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