Sheriff Feared Jodi Arias Would Try To ESCAPE If Her Shackles Were Removed

Jodi Arias is locked behind bars after being convicted for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander but the Sheriff was so afraid she would try to escape at the courthouse that they complained to the judge about her freedom.

Even though Jodi was shackled at the ankles and wrists during her transportation to and from the courthouse, the handcuffs were removed during court sessions so the jurors couldn’t see them on her, which caused concern for the Sheriff.

Jodi ran up a long rap sheet behind bars, with 14 infractions including attacking another inmate and hiding pens on multiple occasions and the Sheriff apparently didn’t trust her when she was in the courthouse either.

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According to, the unsealed court documents reveal that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office complained “that Arias should not be allowed to go into the judge’s chambers because of escape risk.”

Jodi’s attorney Kirk Nurmi said on February 5 that he was worried the television cameras were showing Jodi’s leg braces, which were not removed during the trial.

“In-custody defendants wear devices to prevent escapes,” the website reports.

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The next day is when the Sheriff’s office complained.

Jodi was found guilty by the jury of first-degree murder and extreme cruelty in Travis’ violent murder, where she stabbed him 29 times, shot him in the face and slit his throat from ear to ear but the jury deadlocked on whether or not to give her the death penalty.

The retrial of the sentencing phase is set to begin July 18.

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