LeAnn Rimes Slams Brandi Glanville’s Mother’s Day Snub: ‘No One Does What I’ve Done To Try’

Sending Mother’s Day flowers is just one of many efforts that LeAnn Rimes has made to get along with Brandi Glanville – or so she thinks!

The country star was busy on Twitter Wednesday night, discussing how hard she has tried to get along with her husband, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, and that sending her a floral arrangement was just another of the several things she has done to make peace with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star – and RadarOnline.com has the details.

LeAnn, who has been in Nashville the past few days, responded to a private comment from one of her followers who asked her about the gift she sent to Glanville.

“You have no idea, no one does what I’ve done to try,” she ranted. “Mother’s Day just adds to the list. I can’t make anyone try.”

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Another one of LeAnn’s followers tweeted the comment to Glanville, who responded Thursday afternoon.

“She sent me beautiful flowers hope thats [sic] is the start of some effort for both sides,” she said.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Brandi thanked LeAnn on Twitter for her floral arrangement.

“I thanked @leannrimes on twitter4 my flowers.

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“Our relationship is that we still dont even say hi at baseball,” wrote Brandi, who has two sons with Cibrian, Mason and Jake. “I dont have her number-thats it.”

When a follower asked LeAnn about the delivery, she explained that the tweet was the first acknowledgement of her gesture.

“I didn’t see anything else sent to me,” the Grammy-winner wrote. “It wasn’t for the ‘thank you.’ It was to just simply say Happy Mother’s Day.”

Do you think Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes are on the road to relationship recovery? Sound off below.

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