Jodi Arias Is ‘Very Untruthful, Very Manipulative,’ Says Juror Who Voted For Death

In her first interview following the Jodi Arias trial, Juror # 6, Diane Schwartz, has revealed she voted to put the defendant to death.

“Jodi Arias is very untruthful and very manipulative,” Schwartz told Chris Williams of Phoenix’s 12 News Schwartz also called Arias, who was convicted of first degree murder in the death of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, “a very sad girl.”

As has been reporting, Arizona law requires the juror in capital cases to unanimously agree on the death sentence, which this jury could not.

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The split, Schwartz revealed, was eight jurors for death, and four voting for life in prison.

A new jury will now have to be seated to start all over on the death penalty phase of the trial.

But Schwartz, for one, doesn’t want to see the chance of Arias ever going free.

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“She concerns me,” said Schwartz, “and I don’t think we’ll ever know why she did it.”

You can watch Williams’ interview with Schwartz here:

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