Dina Lohan Refuses Drug Test, Calls Security On Michael: Now Lindsay Won’t Have Family Therapy Day In Rehab

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Just when it appeared that Lindsay Lohan might get both her parents in the same room for a family therapy session, a TV show blew it all apart.

In a wild (and typical) scene, Dina Lohan refused to take a urine drug test, fought bitterly with Michael Lohan and ended up asking for security after the taping of a TV show, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Dina and Michael taped a new show called The Test and both were asked to take lie detector tests and urine tests as they “worked out” (read: rehashed) their decades of problems with each other.

Michael took both tests. Dina didn’t.

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“It’s really, really sad that Dina couldn’t be forthright and be honest,” Michael told RadarOnline about the situation. “It’s a shame that although I took not only the lie detector and urine test she refused to take both.”

Things got so heated between the divorced couple on the TV set that Dina asked for security at show’s end to escort her out. Both were scheduled to sit down in the same room with Lindsay this weekend at the Betty Ford Center for family therapy.

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Barring a miracle, that won’t happen and now they will visit her separately.

Dina and Michael argued over Lindsay, drugs, infidelity and rehab. Michael admitted to taping a call from Lindsay when Lindsay said her mother was doing drugs – and said Lindsay asked him to tape it.

Dina denied everything and called Michael a liar. She also said Michael had skipped out of rehab, which Michael admitted – but pointed out that was in the 1980s! He completed other more recent rehab programs.

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