Hear Charles Ramsey’s Dramatic Call To 911 After He Helped Amanda Berry Out Of House Of Horrors

Charles Ramsey — the man who helped Amanda Berry out of the home police say she and two other women were held captive in for around a decade — is heard in a just-released 911 call alerting authorities to the ghastly scene that had unfolded Monday night, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on RadarOnline.com.

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The call — with expletives edited out — goes as follows:

Ramsey: Hey bro, check this out. I just came from McDonald’s right? So I’m on my porch eating my little food, right? This broad is trying to break out the [expletive] house next door to me, so there’s a bunch of people on the street right now and [expletive]. So we’re like, ‘What’s wrong, what’s the problem?’ She’s like, ‘This [expletive] done kidnapped me and my daughter … she said her name is Linda Berry or some [expletive]. I don’t know who the [expletive] that is, I just moved over here, bro. You know what I mean?

Dispatcher: Sir, sir you have to calm down and slow down. Is she still in the street?

Ramsey: Seymour Avenue.

Dispatcher: Is she still in the street or where did she go?

Ramsey: Yeah I’m looking at her, she right now. She calling you all, she on the other phone.

Dispatcher: Is she black, white or Hispanic?

Ramsey: Err she’s white, but the baby looks Hispanic.

Dispatcher: Okay what is she wearing?

Ramsey: Err white tank top, light blue sweat pants, like a wife-beater.

Dispatcher: Do you know the address next door that she said she was in?

Ramsey: Yes 2207, I’m looking at it.

Dispatcher: Okay I thought that was your address, that house.

Ramsey: No, I’m smarter than that, I’m telling you where the crime was, not my house.

Dispatcher: Sir we can’t talk at the same time, do you want to leave your name and number?

Ramsey: Charles Ramsey, R-a-m-s-e-y.

Dispatcher: Are the people she said that did this do you know if they are still in the house?

Ramsey: I don’t have a [expletive] clue, bro, I just got out of McDonald’s.

Dispatcher: Can you ask her if she needs an ambulance.

Ramsey: You need an ambulance or what? She needs everything, she’s in a panic bro, she’s been kidnapped so you know put yourself in her shoes.

Dispatcher: We’ll send the police out. Thank you.

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Audio: Listen To Charles Ramsey’s 911 Call After Helping Amanda Berry

McDonald’s didn’t let the priceless plugs go unnoticed, tweeting their thanks to Ramsey, a dishwasher at a local restaurant, in the wake of the incident.

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“We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy,” the company said. “Way to go Charles Ramsey – we’ll be in touch.”

As we previously reported, two of the women — Berry (and her 6-year-old daughter Jocelyn) and Gina DeJesus are staying at undisclosed locations. The third woman, Michelle Knightwho was diagnosed with loss of hearing and facial bone damage, from years of beatings — is expected to be released from the hospital Wednesday.

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