Authorities Hold News Conference In Shocking Cleveland Abductions

Authorities are set to hold a news conference at approximately 9 a.m. ET to reveal new information in the shocking abduction and safe rescue of three women in Cleveland, Ohio – and is live streaming it.

As we previously reported, three women and one child were freed from a home in Cleveland late Monday after neighbor Charles Ramsey helped one of the captives, Amanda Berry, out of the home, after he heard her screaming for help.

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Ariel Castro — a 52-year-old Cleveland Municipal School District bus driver who’s lived at the home since 1992 – was arrested, along with his two brothers.

Local station WOIO-TV reported that a source said authorities saw chains hanging from the ceilings of the home, and believe the women were tied up at times.

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A huge local story, Amanda’s disappearance went national in 2009 when Oprah Winfrey devoted an episode of her former daytime talk show to it.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

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