Chelsea Handler & Conan O'Brien Fight Naked In The Shower!

It’s Conan O’Brien and Chelsea Handler like you’ve never seen them before: stark naked and in the shower!

Watch the video on (WARNING: Content Contains Explicit Humor)

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The premise of the bit, which aired on Wednesday’s Chelsea Lately, was that the redheaded comic was back at the studio where he hosted the Tonight Show — a studio now inhabited by the feisty blonde comedienne.

Conan, stark nude, complained to the equally-bare Handler that she stole his studio, parking space and back massager.

“I do use that back massager — although I had no idea it was for my back!” Chelsea said.

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Later on, tensions rose as Chelsea bragged, “Everybody knows I am the first woman in late night.”

Conan shot back, “No, that was Joan Rivers!”

Chelsea countered, “Have you taken a good look at her recently?”

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“I know,” Conan replied. “I’m still convinced, whatever that is, it’s female.”

The two then mock fought, with both ending up with with black eyes.

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To end it all, Chelsea’s sidekick Chuy made a cameo on a motorized cart, wearing only a shower cap, sandals and a smile!

Chelsea Lately on weeknights at 11/10c on E!, while Conan airs weeknights at 11/10c on TBS.

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