Anchor Has First Professional Gig Since the Profanity Heard 'Round The World — Thanks To Kelly & Michael

Bumbling broadcaster A.J. Clemente  had his first on-camera gig since getting canned for cursing on a North Dakota newscast.

The green broadcaster — milking every last drop of his 15 minutes of fame — took to the red carpet for Live With Kelly & Michael to cover Pierce Brosnan‘s new movie Love Is All You Need. And apparently, things went better than they did back in the Roughrider State.

“It went amazing: New York City, bright lights, red carpet,” Clemente said, adding that his subsequent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman was “so much fun.”

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In his intro to the red carpet piece, Clemente said, “My broadcasting debut went viral for all the wrong reasons, but Live gave me a second chance to redeem myself on the red carpet.”

So was redemption his for the taking? Take a guess.

In one instance, he asked an attendee how she liked being in the film.

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“I’m not in the movie,” the woman said.

“Tell me why you’re here?” Clemente asked.

“I’m the director,” the woman, Susanne Bier, replied.

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Despite the gaffe, Live’s hosts – Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan — lauded Clemente for his work at the event. (It’s likely the last time we’ll see him broadcasting on network TV for a long, long time.)

“That was great, man!” Strahan told him, while Ripa said, “You’ve been terrific.”

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