Beat That Mickey Mouse! Watch 15 Incredible Rat Tricks!

Ever since the release of the horror film Willard (the 1971 original, not the 2003 remake), we’re NOT a big fan of rats, but even we have to admit Nami and Pepper are pretty darn cute – and incredibly smart!

In a video that’s quickly going viral, Abby Roeser posted on YouTube 15 amazing tricks performed by her two rats.

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With the video, Abby writes: “I brought Nami and Pepper home about 8 months ago. When I got them, I had no idea that they could be taught tricks. Now I’ve done loads of training with them. Nami (the white one) is a much faster learner then Pepper which is why she know more advanced tricks. Pepper is a bit on the slow side, but I love her just as much!”

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Since the video was posted on March 5, 2013, the video has already gotten more than 114,000 views.

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