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Funny Bunny! Heidi The Rabbit Eases Arthritis By Swimming In Pool

In a video that’s making a splash on the web, an English bunny named Heidi regularly goes swimming to help ease the pain and stiffness of her arthritis!

The four-year-old bunny actually wears a lifejacket during its vet-recommended hydrotherapy sessions in a heated pool in Milford-On-Sea in Hampshire. Occasionally, Heidi’s long ears are held back with a hair bobble.

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Heidi’s owner Amanda Williams, of Christchurch, Dorset told the BBC she had taken to the treatment “like a duck to water.” Speaking to The Metro, Williams added: “She is now a much happier rabbit.”

Hydrotherapy is often used for other larger animals, including dogs and even horses, but it’s proving to help ease the stiffness in Heidi’s hips and knees and the spondylosis in her neck.

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