Anderson Cooper Dishes On First Visit To A Strip Club, Admits 'I Talked To The Ladies About Their Shoes!'

Here’s someone you wouldn’t expect to see at a strip clubAnderson Cooper!

The Anderson Live host spoke of his first – and only – visit to a gentleman’s club on his talk show Wednesday, and has the video!

Sitting alongside co-host Lisa Rinna, Anderson asks: “How do you have a missed connection in a strip club? Either you are sitting there and someone is grinding on you or, what’s the missed connection?”

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With a cheeky smile on her face, Lisa replies, “you just said grinding, I love that you said grinding,” to which Anderson says, “that’s not a beepable word.”

Feeling the heat in the room, Lisa reveals: “That almost got me hot, I think it did.”

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Then, Anderson quizzes: “Isn’t that what happens in those strip clubs?”

“I think there are many things that happen in strip clubs,” Lisa says.

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Anderson continues: “I don’t want to know. I went to one once for a bachelor party when I was in college and I literally was like talking to the ladies about their shoes. I mean I was so not into it. I was like I am not even going to fake this one. It was Tampa, Florida. It was all guys from college, my team was there.

Lisa then fesses, “I’ve been too.”

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“Have you? Was it fun?” Anderson enquires.

“I don’t know, I guess. Yeah, kind of. I kind of liked it. I mean I don’t go a lot,” Lisa explains.

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“Whatever floats your boat,” Anderson tells Lisa looking more than a little red in the face.

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