Don’t Cut My Wedding Dress! Mother Of The Bride Sobs As Designer Takes Scissors To Her Old Gown

A woman’s wedding dress  is one of her most prized possessions and in a shocking new reality show a mother is brought to tears as she watches her beloved gown cut up with a pair of scissors!

In a sneak peek of a new reality show titled Something Borrowed, Something New, designer Kelly Nishimoto takes a pair of scissors to an heirloom wedding dress as the bride’s stunned mother’s heart breaks and she sobs as the lace is removed.

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“You gotta face it! No warnings!” Kelly exclusively told about her decision to snip off the top of a wedding gown as the daughter’s mother cried her eyes out.

“That dress will never be the same,” Kelly said.  “I had to do something to make it more modern.  So I started cutting and I let her deal with it.”

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The show will give brides an option of choosing an old dress redesigned or a brand new dress from off the rack picked out by stylist Sam Saboura, who said that the women are often shocked when they start filming.

“I don’t think these women think it is real until they get to us.  So many of the mother’s haven’t looked at their dresses in 20 or 30 years and everyone gets really emotional.”

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Something Borrowed, Something New premieres on TLC  tonight, Friday, February 8 at 10/9c.

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