Sarah Palin: Stage Mom!

With her political career on pause, Sarah Palin is turning her attention from running the country to running her daughter Bristol‘s career.

During the negotiations for Bristol’s upcoming Lifetime reality show, Life’s a Tripp, says a source, :She was one of the most difficult people they have ever had to deal with!”

Sarah, 48, held execs at bay for weeks over the terms of the contract, an insider reveals. “She told them that Bristol was worth much more than anyone on reality TV today, that she was the original Teen Mom,” the source says. “She told them that whatever number they were thinking of, to triple it.”

And even when they agreed to a number, the source says, the negotiations were far from over. “Sarah made the network add a ‘creative input’ clause that gave her final say on what scenes or topics would be considered suitable to air,” the insider explains.

So now that Bristol, 21, is set for TV stardom, will Sarah turn back to politics? Says the source, “Sarah said no — there’s much more money in television!”

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