Cheaterville Website Pays Tribute To 50 Cent

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

The notorious website has paid a big tribute to rap star 50 Cent and has all the exclusive details.

A website posted a huge billboard in Las Vegas advertising their site that says “She’s Got Your Magic Stick,” an homage to his famous lyrics.

James McGibney
, the founder of the website, told exclusively: “We decided to create a billboard that not only showcased what we stand for, but honored the great lyrics written by 50 Cent.

PHOTO: 50 Cent And Chelsea In Bed Together

“I am a huge 50 fan, and would love to have him work more closely with our site in the future. As a former U.S. Marine, anyone who gets shot the amount of times 50 did and lives to tell about it has my respect!” has exclusively learned that James and Cheaterville are currently putting together a multi-million dollar job offer to have 50 Cent work with in the future, that would include 50 recording an anti-cheating track and appear at anti-cheating events both in Canada and the USA.


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