Who Wore It Best? Jessica Simpson Vs. Kim Kardashian

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian have worlds in common. Both the glam gals have starred in successful reality shows, sport some of the most coveted curves in Hollywood, have built super successful fashion empires and are settling down with pro athletes, so it isn’t surprising that they also have the same taste in clothes!

Jess and Kim have hit the town in the exact same leopard print Love Sam top, resulting in a Who Wore It Best style showdown!

PHOTOS: Who Wore It Best? Jessica Simpson Vs. Kim Kardashian in Love Sam

Jessica rocked the $225 tassel top, which is available at Intermix on September 14, pairing it with daisy duke style cutoffs and strappy sandals.

Kim stepped out in the stylish blouse on September 24, rocking it with tight leather pants and bombshell boots.

Who wore Love Sam best? Let us know what you think, by leaving your comments below!


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