Paris Hilton Turns Super Spy!

by Radar Staff

Don’t give up your day job Paris!

Paris Hilton and her posse go “undercover” to spy on her assistant, Lexie after they become suspicious that she is still writing scripts for pornographic movies, and the girls attempt at covert operations are shown in a sneak peek of The World According To Paris, obtained by

Paris watches as Lexie gets her hair done in the valley of Southern California. “This keeps getting worse by the minute, I’m in the valley, and it’s hot as balls outside….I need to get the hell out of here,” Paris laments. However, the mystery begins when Lexie then goes to a nondescript office building, with no company name clearly listed, which raises Paris’ suspicions.

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So will the dynamic spy team get to the truth? Tune into The World According To Paris on Wednesday night on Oxygen 10/9c to find out.

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Kathy Hilton, who also appears on the show, will be a part of an online chat on Wednesday night at 10pm EST/7pm PST on

The hotel heiress recently broke up with Cy Waits and is now dating the Hangover director, Todd Phillips.


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