VIDEO: Haley Eliminated From American Idol; Scotty & Lauren Advance To Finals!

By Adam S. Levy
Radar Staff Writer

Halley’s Comet has crashed (no, not that one).

Rather, it was Haley Reinhart who got the boot on Thursday’s American Idol after 95 million viewers cast their votes, setting up a finale between Bible Belt babies Scotty McCreery, 17, and Lauren Alaina, 16.

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Reinhart looked stunned by her elimination, as she was given a standing ovation from Randy Jackson after she tripped during a performance on Wednesday’s show, but seamlessly kept going.

“I rocked it out, and I had a blast,” the 20-year-old Illinois native said after she was bounced.

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Reinhart ends an impressive run on the Fox hit, highlighted by her covers of classic rock staples such as The Animals’ The House of the Rising Sun, Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon and Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be.

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McCreery and Alaina will battle it out when American Idol continues Tuesday on Fox at 8/7c.

Fun fact: Halley’s Comet, visible from earth every 75 years, is next predicted to be seen July 28, 2061.



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