EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & VIDEO INTERVIEW: Charlie Sheen Releases Photos He Says Prove Ex Brooke Mueller Back On Drugs

Charlie Sheen and his ‘goddesses’ voted his soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller off a tropical Bahamas island last week because they discovered drug paraphernalia and cocaine in the bathroom of her resort, the embattled Two and a Half Men star revealed to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive video interview.

PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen’s Evidence To Prove Brooke Mueller’s Back On Drugs

What’s more, Sheen presented RadarOnline.com photographic evidence he said shows Mueller’s recent drug use that he plans to present to a Los Angeles court as soon as Wednesday, as he ratchets up his bid to gain full custody of their sons.

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“We were duped by a charlatan” Sheen, referring to Mueller, told our Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard.

The explosive images show a supposed home made crack pipe, foil, spoons, drug residue and the 33-year-old driver’s license which had been used to cut up lines of cocaine, Sheen said.

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Facing the inevitable embarrassment, a pal of Mueller conceded: “She has confirmed she was doing drugs recently, but has been sober for a week.”

As RadarOnline.com revealed, authorities visited Sheen’s mansion around 7:30 pm PT on Tuesday to take his twins boys, Max and Bob, from him and return them to Mueller.

Showing RadarOnline.com the supposed evidence, Sheen said: “Look at what I’m protecting them (the kids) from, her lies, look at absolute chaos.”

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The Two and a Half Men star said he had no idea how Mueller scored the drugs or whether she smuggled them into the Bahamas.

He said Mueller was “hooked” on the drug Norco, a narcotic pain reliever.

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When reminded she had the right to use prescription medications, Sheen said: “Yeah, but it doesn’t have the right prescription on the bottle… unless she tattooed one her liver.”

Showing RadarOnline.com another image, Sheen declared: “Look at that, zoom in on a couple of things: spoons and then right here, I gotta believe a judge is going to frown on that — a home made crack pipe.

“Chaos and mayhem spilling out of the bag she punctures.”

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He added: “I’ve been looking at it too long, that’s why I divorced the b*tch.”

Moreover, Sheen said Mueller had been snorting and smoking cocaine at his home in the days before the Bahamas trip — the same home where their twins Bob and Max had been living until Tuesday night.  

The actor’s live-in girlfriend, Natalie Kenly, said they she a “serious talk” with Mueller about not doing drugs before their trip to the Bahamas, but she reneged on her promise to stop.

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“She f*cked up!” she said.

When asked how Mueller could fight her drug battle, like Sheen is proclaiming that he has done, the actor responded: “I don’t really have any interest in that, I don’t care.”

He added, “How dare you? How dare you? You’re a better parent than me? Shame on you. Your day is coming and it’s coming fast.”


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