Kim Kardashian Reveals 'It's Easier Just To Be Single'

Don’t expect Kim Kardashian to hop into a new relationship anytime soon! The reality star bombshell opens up to Katie Couric in the February issue of Glamour Magazine about her relationship status, the ‘power’ of being a sex symbol and her decision to strip for Playboy.

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“It’s easier just to be single and not have a relationship,” Kim admitted to the fashion magazine. “How do you get to know someone on a reality show? Some people think they can handle it, and they really can’t.”

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Kim tells Couric that even though being a sex symbol is ‘powerful’ she doesn’t find herself as sexy as everyone thinks.

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“I’m a lot more insecure than people would assume,” she reveals.

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And when it comes to her decision to bare all for Playboy magazine, the gorgeous star has absolutely no regrets.

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“It was an independence thing for me. I was always by the book, such the straight arrow when it came to pleasing my parents and being a good daughter.  I felt like this was one decision that only I could make.”

To read Katie Couric’s entire interview with Kim Kardashian click here or pick up the February issue of Glamour Magazine.



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