EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The Bachelorette’s Trista & Ryan Sutter — Before They Were Famous

Bachelorette love birds Trista and Ryan Sutter were the first couple from ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette series to marry, and they’re living proof you can find love on reality TV.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Baby Pics of Trista and Ryan

After an extravagant televised wedding, they went on to have two beautiful children together. Now, RadarOnline.com has obtained never-before-seen photos of the long-lasting couple years before their love affair began.

In one exclusive photo of Ryan, he is seen wearing tiny 70’s running shorts and a navy number 18 tee. With an adorable smile and sparkling blue eyes, it is no wonder that the handsome Colorado firefighter won Trista’s heart.

In another photo, the reality star can be seen sitting in front of a faux scenic river back drop in his striped rugby shirt, posing for the camera.

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The earliest photo of Trista obtained by RadarOnline.com shows her as a baby in her stroller playing with a rattle. Although she still tiny, her big brown smiling eyes haven’t changed a bit.

Trista’s striking good looks ranked her #7 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2003 and in our exclusive childhood photo of her at age 4 she is already a budding beauty in her frilly summer dress. In a bizarre twist, Trista’s outdoor photo back drop bares a striking resemblance to Ryan’s river scene- just another sign it was meant to be!

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