PHOTOS: Mel Gibson Is A Real Clown!

There haven’t been many yuks in Mel Gibson’s life lately but the Oscar-winning actor/director found time to clown around on Halloween, as these photos show.

PHOTOS: Mel Gibson As A Clown

Mel dressed as a clown for a Halloween party at David Arquette’s house and enjoyed a night of levity.

The star’s life has been a real circus as he battles Oksana Grigorieva in court over their daughter Lucia. Mel was deposed by Oksana’s lawyers this week. He accuses her of trying to extort him; she accuses him of beating her.


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That drama was put aside, at least for a few hours, while Mel got in the spirit of Halloween at Arquette’s house. Arquette has his own personal drama as he is separated from wife Courteney Cox.



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