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VIDEO: Texas Racing Family The Subject Of New 16 And Pregnant

It’s time for another season of MTV’s hit reality TV show 16 and Pregnant, and this week’s episode featured teen mom Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant, who lives in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas and marries Cody, the father of her baby.

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They live together with Brooke’s family, while Cody’s earning money to save for their own place working at a local convenience store. Her parents are very supportive of their relationship, although disappointed that she’s pregnant at such a young age.

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“How did Cody see you naked anyway? There are condoms under the bathroom sink for free!” Brooke’s mom said, adding she taught her to use the condoms on a cucumber, and explains that Brooke is not pregnant from lack of education.

The couple planned a quickie wedding at their local racetrack, as Brooke comes from a family that prides itself on three generations of racers. She explained the urgency of wedding, as she said she doesn’t want to be fat on her big day.

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We find out that Brooke didn’t break the news to her mother, who read it in a text while snooping through Brooke’s phone messages.

On her wedding day, Brooke was nervous preparing, while Cody was laughing and playing foosball with his buddies.

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Cody wore his racing uniform while Brooke wore a classic white wedding gown (with no visible baby bump).

Cody competed to win the race, he blew a tire, through Brooke’s car, driven by her father, was the winner. It’s hard for them to celebrate because with a baby on the way, there are so many bills they know they won’t be able to pay for racing in the future.

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Brooke said she plans to take off two months of school to have her baby, but she is worried because Cody is not concerned with his education as much.

Brooke’s mom stepped in and helped him plan his work, but it didn’t seem to help, as Cody had to pass a test so he can graduate early and take care of the baby while Brooke finishes school. After four attempts, he passed.

Brooke headed to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby, and Cody is thrilled to know it’s a boy, and they will name him Brody.

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They plan to save money by building a barn on her family’s property, but face the difficulties of balancing school and work. She knows Cody will be there for her even though they will struggle financially.

After a baby shower the couple have lots of things for the baby, but they know they need more.

The baby Brody arrives — with an adorable mane of curly hair  —  and lots of laughs.


Reality kicked in when everyone arrived home. The family kept a steady routine and stayed on top of their chores. Brooke’s soon ready to head back to school, while Cody will be Mr. Mom. They remember about what life used to be like without a baby. Brooke appreciates Cody, but she is sad because Cody needs to work more and they lose time with each other.

Still, Brooke said, “I wouldn’t change anything.”

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16 and Pregnant airs on MTV Tuesday at 10/9c.



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