VIDEO: Bristol Palin Takes A Step Back On Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin‘s training wheels came off on Monday night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, as the teen celibacy advocate’s fox trot set to Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are didn’t wow the judges, giving her a meager 18 out of 30 points on the evening.

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Following the dance, Len Goodman said to Palin, “I told you last week to take a chance and this week; You did and I don’t like it that much… it’s just too contemporary for my taste.”

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The always-animated Bruno Tonioli gave the young Alaskan some sage advice as she proceeds on in the competition.

“You’re not Meryl Streep yet… you’ve got to feel [the dance] and we’ve got to see it that you feel it,” Tonioli said. “Its very frustrating, I know someone’s in there — show it to me baby!”

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Dancing With The Stars‘ eleventh season continues on ABC Tuesday at 9/8c.

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