VIDEO: Dancing With The Stars Explains ‘Boo-Gate’

Dancing With The Star‘s host Tom Bergeron jokingly referred to it as “Boo-Gate”, and so, during Tuesday night’s results show, ABC decided to address reports that Sarah Palin was booed during the previous night’s show, explaining that the jeers were actually directed at the judges, and not at the controversial former governor of Alaska.

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As previously reported, viewers of the popular ballroom dance show could hear loud jeering on Monday night’s episode as co-host Brooke Burke interviewed Jennifer Grey and her pro-partner Derek Hough backstage after the judges each gave the couple 8 points for a grand total of 24. “There’s booing in the ballroom — we don’t know why,” Burke said on Monday’s show, to which Grey responded, “Why is there booing?”

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The controversy came when the camera then cut to Bergeron introducing Palin, who was sitting in the audience to cheer on her daughter Bristol. There was widespread speculation that Palin was the target of the boos.

To clear up the confusion, Burke explained during Tuesday night’s show that the audience was booing the 24-point score, as they believed Grey’s efforts were worth more from the judges. Burke then introduced a “raw and unedited” piece of footage that was “never intended to air,” showing the boos erupt as the judges held up their placards for Grey, all with scores of eight.

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When host Tom Bergeron introduced Palin, the audience gave her a warm ovation.

Clearly, there’s never a dull moment on Dancing With The Stars, which returns next week Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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