Look Like A Rock Star; Travel Like A Roadie

You’ve seen the Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift dragging them through airports; Snoop sitting on his and Justin Bieber playfully swinging his around. We’re talking Ful (pronounced fuel) luggage who design gear for musicians (“a great focus group”) so that it can take the rigors of travel.

Inspired by musicians, with names like “Heart Breaker,” “Brickhouse,” and of course, “Roadie,” the full line of backpacks, messenger bags, slings and duffels, the line is durable, organized by compartments to keep your organized, and blessed with an inline skate wheel system which makes for easy maneuverability (read: you can run circles around other bags.)

We got the Load Runner, 30” drop bottom wheeled duffle to test so ran it around the office, taking corners like a dream. The push-button retractable handle added to its convenience.

So, for all your gear, whether you’re going on tour (or not) we’d recommend Ful.

Check out the photo gallery for more duffle styles.

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