Judge Tells Snooki: ‘You’re Acting Like A Lindsay Lohan Wannabe!’

A judge in Seaside Heights, New Jersey Wednesday told Jersey Shore‘s pintsized princess Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi she was “acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe” as he handed down his sentence for being drunk in public and being “criminally annoying”.

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Snooki – wearing a tight dark dress with her hair down – appeared solemn before the judge during a brief hearing on charges of disorderly conduct, creating a public nuisance and being criminally annoying after a drunken display in Seaside Heights on July 30.

The State agreed to drop the most serious charges against her, and the judge then fined the self-described “guidette”  $500, ordered her to pay $33 in court costs, and to perform two days of community service, working with the local animal control. The judge gave her one day credit for community service for her prior charitable works.

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In addressing the court, Snooki said: “I would definately like to apologize to Seaside cops.. When I saw what happened.. I was very embarassed.. It’s never happened before.. I would defiantely like to apologize.”

The judge also asked her flat-out if her behavior was scripted for Jersey Shore; Snooki said it was not.

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Previously, Snooki, 22, admitted she had been drinking tequila for several hours before her arrest in July. She said sje was so drunk that day that she didn’t even remember being taken away by police.

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