PHOTOS: Snooki & The Jersey Shore Gang Invade The Boardwalk

Arrest? What arrest? Snooki isn’t slowing down one bit as you can see in‘s pictures of the Jersey Shore cast in action Sunday afternoon.

PHOTOS: Snooki & Jersey Shore Cast Take Over The Boardwalk

Snooki, J-WOWW and new cast member Deena Cortese both had their boyfriends along for their amusement park rides on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

And Snooki didn’t seem to care one bit that she was a fifth wheel.

PHOTOS: Snooki’s Sloppy Stroll Before Her Arrest

Snooki was busted for disorderly conduct on Friday after a legendary display of public drunkenness. She stayed underground for a whole 24 hours and snuck out with Deena Saturday night for some quick fun.

PHOTOS: Snooki Goes Out For The First Time After Her Arrest

It was back to the serious stuff of shooting scenes for their MTV show Sunday.

PHOTOS: Snooki Mugshots

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