Extreme Exposure: Phenomenal Photography Of Our World On Display

Extreme Exposure is an upcoming fall exhibit from our friends at Los Angeles’ Annenberg Space for Photography, showcasing award-winning photography of our wildlife, climate and environment.

Check Out More Of the Astounding Photography

The pictures present a unique look at some of the planet’s most mercurial environments, as the photographers on display dangled from helicopters, immersed themselves in alligator-infested waters, endured freezing temperatures for months, and braved angry volcanoes — all for the shot.

Annenberg Awash In Exhilarating Photography

Some of the exhibits slated for the display include: Clyde Butcher’s Swamplands; lush jungle photography by Michael “Nick” Nichols, bringing the audience nearly face-to-face with tigers and gorillas; Paul Nicklen’s alien landscapes found in polar regions, and the rare animals inhabiting these isolated environments; and Donna and Stephen James O’Meara’s vibrant photos of erupting volcanoes and dancing molten lava.

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All of the aforementioned photographers share an intense passion to protect places, species and landscapes, and you’ll see the end result of their passion in the work. In addition, the featured artists will share the adventures that provided their stunning photographs, their creative methods and what it takes to work in such exotic locations.

Extreme Exposure will be available for viewing October 23, 2010 through April 24, 2011; for more info, check out www.annenbergspaceforphotography.org.

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