EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Jokes About Her SCRAM Bracelet

At least she still has her sense of humor.

Lindsay Lohan showcased her comedic side in a skit for the upcoming film Underground Comedy 2010. Shot a month before she went to jail, the Mean Girls star improvised her lines and threw in a very funny retort that touched on her ongoing legal and personal drama. RadarOnline.com brings you the exclusive clip of Lindsay’s comedic moment.

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Dressed like Marilyn Monroe in a figure-hugging white halter dress and sporting long platinum blonde locks, Lindsay coos while posing over a street vent in a re-enactment of Monroe’s famous scene from The Seven Year Itch.

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“You look like Marilyn Monroe,” another character tells her off camera. The actress then ad-libbed: “Marilyn never had to wear a SCRAM bracelet!” Earlier, the camera panned across Lohan’s body, highlighting the actress’ own piece of alcohol monitoring hardware.

The hilarious film, which was helmed and written by Vince Offer (a.k.a. ShamWow front man Vince Shlomi), also includes appearances by Michael Clarke Duncan, Bobby Lee and Dancing With The Stars alum Joanna Krupa.

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Production of the flick was completed just days before Lohan began her 90-day sentence at a women’s correctional facility in Lynwood, California. Offer met Lohan at a party during the Cannes film festival where they were introduced through a mutual friend.

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