EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore’s Angelina Reacts To Getting Booed By Thousands

Angelina Pivarnick from MTV’s Jersey Shore sure has some tough skin. The outspoken brunette was booed by thousands over the weekend and she spoke to RadarOnline.com about the public berating.

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On Saturday, Pivarnick made an appearance at musical festival Beatstock 2010 in New Jersey. When she took to the stage, the 17,500-strong crowd burst into boos. Even though someone tried to warn her about the potentially hostile audience, Pivarnick was a little taken aback by how loud the jeers were. Still, she handled it like a seasoned controversy pro.

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“Right before I got on stage for my appearance the producers said this is going to be like sitting in the electric chair…and it was!” Pivarnick told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“I got out there and heard the whole crowd booing and I just said, ‘Love or hate me, I just want to thank everyone, thanks for watching the show.’ I was even blowing kisses.”

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Having been the outcast on Jersey Shore since the first season, Pivarnick is used to dealing with negativity but even she was a little thrown off by the Beatstock uproar.

“When I came off the stage I was shaking, people were asking me if I was okay,” Pivarnick added.

“I think I handled it well, I basically put a good light on it by being nice even though it was really hard.”

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