VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Her Birthday Bash; Instead Visits With Kim Kardashian

Rocker Avril Lavigne, her hunky reality TV beau Brody Jenner, and bad boy oil heir Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis went to Lindsay Lohan’s belated birthday bash at Hollywood’s Las Palmas nightclub Thursday night with one minor snafu — the birthday girl wasn’t there.

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Lohan’s confidante Marcus Molinari broke the news that the embattled actress (whose 24th birthday actually took place July 2) would be a no-show, as he Tweeted early Thursday on her behalf, “Lindsay is not having her birthday @laspalmas!! She is at home with friends and family!!! We wish her well and love her!!!”

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As reported earlier, Lohan — who was sentenced to 90 days behind bars Tuesday in connection with parole violations — was indeed cooped up at her Los Angles home, receiving visits from socialite Kim Kardashian and Lady Victoria Hervey.

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