VIDEO: An Upbeat Lindsay Lohan Flashes Abs and Smile During Family Outing

Lindsay Lohan may be in the midst of a mountain of trouble, but the actress seems to be taking it all in stride. Despite the heat and the crowd of photographers, she was calm and even cheery during a coffee run with family and friends on Friday. has the photos and exclusive video of the caffeine break.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Upbeat During Outing With Family

Lohan showed off her tanned-and-toned physique, sporting a sports bra and figure-hugging exercise pants. Her long-sleeved sweater was zipped low enough to showcase her belly ring and taut abs. Her entire entourage, which included sister Ali, mom Dina, and pals like Eliat Anschel, were also on-hand in sports attire.

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Despite the intense scrutiny and looming jail and rehab time, Lindsay remained cool during the frenzied outing, even adding a giggly “thank you” when a photographer complimented her on her good looks.

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Currently, Lohan’s 90 day jail sentence is scheduled to begin on July 20.

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