PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Gets A Second Visit From Dina And Ali

Six days into her 90-day jail sentence, Lindsay Lohan got another visit from her mom and sister at Lynwood Correctional Facility on Monday.

PHOTOS: Dina And Ali Lohan Visit Lindsay Again

Dina and Ali Lohan weren’t allowed to see the troubled Mean Girls star over the weekend because they’d used their privileges up last week, so they sprung at the first opportunity to check up on her behind bars.

As they walked briskly from the jail, Lindsay’s 16-year-old sister Ali hid her face from photographers with her long hair, while holding her mom’s hand for support.
exclusively reported that Lindsay sobbed when her family first went to see her on Wednesday, the day after her incarceration. “Tears were shed. The visit was very emotional,” revealed a source close to the Lohans.

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It’s been a revolving door at Lindsay’s jail recently – along with regular meetings with her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay also had a surprise visit from ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson on Thursday.

Visiting hours are normally limited to weekends, but learned that jail officials have the discretion to approve visitors for inmates ahead of their first allotted appointment.

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Law enforcement officials told “Lindsay might get visitors after the official visiting hours are over for the other inmates for security reasons.  It’s for the safety of everyone.”

As exclusively reported, Lohan is now likely to be released before the end of the month after serving as little as 12 of her 90 day sentence.

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