Get Extensions Like Kate Gosselin (For A Fraction Of The Price!)

As Ted Gibson was the mane man behind Kate Gosselin’s glam hair transformation, we were curiously intrigued when we noticed that the celeb stylist had his own line of “over the counter” hair extensions. Ted Gibson “clip-ins”, which retail for $149.95 are a pocket friendly alternative to professional extensions, which can set you back thousands of dollars, but do they look quite as glam? put them to the test, and we were delighted with the results!

Kate Gosselin’s Hair Cost $7,000!

Though the thought of installing extensions in our own hair was a bit daunting, we enlisted the help of a pal, and we simply read the applicable instructions. Shockingly, the process was easy. The synthetic tresses were divided into 3 pieces, the biggest one for the middle and the smaller for your right and left sides. Basically, we clipped up the top half our hair and snapped in the extensions effortlessly. It really was that simple! The most difficult and time consuming aspect of the procedure, was the actual styling of our new mane. Because you want your hair to look consistent, it is necessary to either flat iron or curl your new head of hair.

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The end result? A fuller, longer head of hair and no pesky “are you wearing extensions?” inquiries!

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