EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Lo Bosworth Says ‘Insecurity’ Led To Heidi’s Plastic Surgery

The drama on The Hills is about to come to an end next week when the series finale airs on MTV on Monday, July 12.

RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively with Hills‘ star Lo Bosworth at the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she dished on the season’s much talked about topic — Heidi’s ten plastic surgeries.

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“I think that if you have an insecurity and you want to do something about it that is totally fine,” Lo told RadarOnline.com.

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“Don’t deny yourself something if it is really going to make you feel a lot better.

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Lo added, “But I think everything in moderation is important.”

Lo made sure to stress her support of Montag’s apparent obsession with enhancement procedures.

“I have learned to bite my tongue, it’s not hard for me to do. I have mastered the tongue biting to a certain degree. If she’s happy that is fine.”

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Lo has her own methods for maintaining her good looks: she’s taking part in the NIVEA “Good-by Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge”.

She said, “I feel like there is pressure in this town to look good and it helps you get jobs and everybody wants to look their best.”

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Lo participated in a fitness regime and pampered her skin with NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite products, such as the new Good-by Cellulite Fast Acting Serum and the advanced Good-by Cellulite Gel-Cream to take the extra step to keep her skin looking smooth.

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Lauren Conrad was not on the final season of The Hills, but she will be appearing with Lo and the rest of the cast at a live after party following the show.

“It’s the final event, to put the Hills into the history books, it’s definitely sad to leave the cast and the crew behind, but I’m so excited about what the future holds,” said Lo.

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The Hills series finale will air on Monday, July 12 on MTV.

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