AUDIO: Michael Lohan Says “Judge Got It Ass Backwards” In Lindsay Case

Michael Lohan says the judge did the wrong thing by sentencing his daughter Lindsay to 90 days in jail and then 90 days in rehab on July 6.

Michael spoke to The Bert Show in Atlanta Monday morning and told the show, “The judge got it kind of ass backwards,” when asked if he was happy that Lindsay was going to jail.

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He said that he believes his troubled daughter Lindsay should be sentenced to rehab first and then “put her in jail.”

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Lindsay has been to rehab three times, and Michael said that each time she went she in she was prescribed more medications and new medications. When asked what drugs she was on he listed off the five drugs that were in the probation report released on including anti-depressants Zoloft and Trazodone, Adderal for her ADD, painkiller Dilaudid, and Nexium for acid reflux.

“She’s got to be detoxed first,” Michael claimed about Lindsay’s sentence from Judge Revel of 90 days jail time and then 90 days in an in-patient rehab facility.

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Michael also claimed that Lindsay was getting medication that she doesn’t have a prescription for.  “Lindsay wants Xanax, she gets it, Valium and Ambien. There are things that aren’t prescribed that she gets as well and the people I found out that she’s getting those drugs from, they’re going to have their own problems pretty soon too.”

Michael defended his daughter’s outrageous behavior, saying her actions like the F**K U on her fingernail in court and missing the court date while claiming her passport was stolen while partying in Cannes were because of her addiction.

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“Nobody has the right to disrespect the court or a judge like that. This is not Lindsay. This is an addict on drugs, on prescription meds, she is just not herself she is not in her right frame of mind. This is not the daughter I raised, this is not the girl I know, she’s just become a totally different person form all the medication and she is not above the law, nobody is.”

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Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to start her jail sentence on Tuesday, July 20.

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