VIDEO: Kate Gosselin’s Bodyguard Steve Neild Speaks!

Kate Gosselin‘s bodyguard and good friend Steve Neild is speaking out for the first time in the premiere episode of the new TLC show, Kate Plus 8. “She is betrayed by some of the closest people to her,” Steve says in an emotional clip obtained by

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Kate is solid and steady as she faces the cameras, addressing the challenges she faces as a single mom. And Steve, for his part, tries to keep her from the worst of the critical emails that come in.

In the two-hour series premiere, Mrs. G also faces down an alligator in the Florida Everglades, and the reptile’s ears (do gators have ears?) got the worst of it!

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The close encounter of the alligator kind is cute and funny, and happened during a Gosselin family trip to the Sunshine State to celebrate of the sextuplet’s sixth birthday.

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A mama gator apparently took exception to Kate being in her territory and gave her a forceful hiss. Kate, of course, screamed back. Kind of reminded us of the way Kate used to interact with her ex-husband Jon.

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Kate Plus 8 debuts on TLC Sunday AT 9 PM.

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